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Picasso Etchings

Alan lived in Greenwich Village after the war, when he was developing his art form.  He was married to Annabelle and they were friends with several known people of the era.  John Clellon Holmes is known for having written The Horn, Allen Harrington, once a friend of Timothy Leary’s was also writing back then.  They all used to go over to Kerouac’s apartment and Ginsberg would show up.

In the first sketch below, on the far left is John Clellon Holmes’, then his wife Shirley.  Alan is playing chess, a self portrait, then to the right is his wife Annabelle and finally Allen Harrington.

In the second sketch below is John Clellon Holmes, his wife is sitting on the floor, Jack Kerouac is sitting with the glass in his hand, next to him is an unknown woman.  On the far right is Annabelle and Allen Harrington.

The bottom sketch has John Clellon Holmes on the left and Allen Ginsberg leaping through the air.  They are cutting words out of newspapers and writing a poem!

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