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Alan Wood-Thomas did many portraits in his life as an artist, but one in particular seemed to stand out from the others. In 1968 Alan was commissioned by the justice department to do the portrait of Nicholas deB. Katzenbach, former Under Secretary of State to Kennedy and former Attorney General.

Nicholas deB. Katzenbach first met Alan when he was attending college at Yale. They became good friends and through the years Nicholas became a very prominent collector of Alan's works. This portrait, which now hangs on the fifth floor of the Justice Department, was the very first portrait made of a government official to break with tradition. The portrait itself is Avant Garde. Alan portraid the intensity of the man and his times.

Alan painted a total of 6 portraits of Katzenbach. Once completed he left them in his studio for one month, pulled them out and destroyed all but three, then presented the remaining to Katzenbach and his family. After many hours of contemplation, Katzenbach and his wife chose one for the Justice Department and one for their private collection to be displayed in their home. The portrait displayed at the Justice Department is shown below.

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